Sustainability | Recycle | Green

Gerardo Cornejo Velez is an entrepreneur across numerous industries, but the same core value has guided each and every one of his business decisions: sustainability. Gerardo cares about long-term effects and that’s why he has focused so heavily on important investment decisions over the course of his career. From more sustainable agricultural production methods to better recycling and manufacturing, Gerardo Cornejo Velez has backed integral projects.

One of the most vital sectors in which Gerardo invests is in sustainable/recyclable materials. The inevitable truth is that someday some of the world’s most important resources, such as oil, will run out– and it’s time to shift toward a more sustainable model. Already businesses and individuals are looking for recyclables and for products that cost less energy to manufacture and use. Mexico City has specifically struggled with waste problems, and one of Gerardo’s biggest influences was when he read a report about the use of waste in the city and how it could be repurposed to cover citizens’ needs.

Gerardo focuses on rubber and the plastics industry, particularly thermoplastics, which can be recycled. He is involved with Greenplastics Mexico, which launches in 2016 and provides new, more environmentally friendly, recyclable rubbers and plastics materials. Through his work Gerardo is in the process of manufacturing a product in Green Elastomers. The product has been researched by Cambridge University in England and also has been awarded funds by the Mexican Federal Government Entrepreneurship Fund (INADEM).

Gerardo is passionate about educating others on recycling, the plastics industry, and how we can be more “green” moving forward. He also utilizes his position as an investor to help small producers. Often small producers cut corners when things are going well, which ends up hurting them and their consumers, and Gerardo uses his background in business administration and management to avoid the same fate and create more sustainable business initiatives.